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Choose Colibry and make an ecological and conscious choice.
Use threading to remove body hair and get a pleasant and long lasting epilation!

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Say Goodbye to Depilation. Welcome Threading Epilation!

Did you know that Depilation and Epilation have two different meanings?

Depilation removes hair at the surface level, while epilation removes the entire hair and lasts longer than depilation.

Here you will find the smartest and chicest tool for epilation: Colibry removes body hair follicles, delaying the re-growth until hair bulbs are reformed.

Colibry uses the ancient hair removal technique of threading and makes it smarter.

Conventional Hair Removal Technique Pain Points

Let's be honest: how much do you struggle to remove body hair? How much do you spend on body care? No matter the answer. What we know is that:

That's why Colibry is committed to threading epilation, because the ancient tradition is still the best option that we have to remove body hair efficiently.

Colibry Features

Colibry is a whole new concept:

How Colibry works

This technique of hair removal is possible thanks to a durable thread which is coiled up to form a small spiral: rendering hair uprooting possible because hair remains trapped following the hand movement.

Colibry is designed to save time and allows you to easily move around removing even the shortest hair from the skin.

The passage is rapid. You won't believe how satisfying it is.

Who tried it first?

"You designed it, so you try it!" - said everyone ever.

The designers of Colibry were the first to test the product on themselves; turns out, it worked wonderfully even on strong hair, and even on men.

"I used to wax my legs when I was a football player. I remember so much pain. But Colibry is different: just a constant tickling sensation on the skin. And then smoothness..."

What You Can Do With Colibry

Colibry is so manageable that you can use it on different occasions, starting from a self-application on the legs.

Hair on the arms won't be a problem anymore. Usually these are the weakest, and a few sessions of epilation will be enough to prevent re-growth.

Colibry will be distributed to beauty salons too, so there will be more threading epilation services in town. Let your beauty specialist know about Colibry: we are offering special deals for epilation services!

No matter the gender, colour or pain tolerance... Colibry removes every kind of hair, from every kind of skin.

Still not convinced yet?

We recorded the reactions of several Italian women who tried Colibry for the first time. Watch the Colibry Threading Experience to see their feedback!

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